Triumphing Over Toil, Trials, and Temptations

Snapshot Podcast 6: Idol With a Capital I

Success was Greg’s idol and it was giving him blurred vision. What are some of the idols that tempt us, and what is the biggest idol of all?

Snapshot Podcast 7: For the Love of God!

Some jobs stink, and Ed’s had a particularly pungent aroma. But a new perspective and a new choice changed everything.

Snapshot Podcast 8: Hidden Suspicions

Pat judged George based on what someone else had told her about him and it affected the way she related to him. The podcast explores hidden suspicions we have about others and what to do with them.

Snapshot Podcast 9: Keeping Balance

Bill was faced with a very difficult choice to make that would impact his family and could impact his career. When people ask us what we do, we often tell them our occupation, but there is a deeper call.

Snapshot Podcast 10: Eulogy Virtues

Nanci discovers an acceptable “work around” that impacts a dying patient. Podcast explores the difference between resume virtues and eulogy virtues.