Aligning Your Career to God's Mission

Snapshot Podcast 11: Three Things Come Together

Three things have to come together to have a good fit in a career, Steve’s story illustrates how they came together in an unconventional way.

Snapshot Podcast 12: Work in Living Color

Work is more than function; it’s meant to be an experience of love with our Father. There are three types of love that we can have, only one leads to true friendship with God.

Snapshot Podcast 13: The Better Way

Gail’s approach to accepting the job offer was more like Martha’s than Mary’s. When that didn’t go so well, she didn’t make the same mistake twice.

Snapshot Podcast 14: Three Buckets

No matter what challenge or issue we face in our workplace, there is always a role we can play. Everything can fit into one of three buckets.

Snapshot Podcast 15: ABC’s of Radiating Christ

Max took a chance and stood up to his team leader’s behavior. His approach had an impact because he had been incorporating the ABC’s of radiating Christ in his life.