Accepting the Father's Gift of Work

Snapshot Podcast 1: Finding a Way

After a life-changing career change, Will and Ginny help a grandmother breakthrough corporate policy. They’re persistence pays off.

Snapshot Podcast 2: Restoring Dignity

For some the way back from past mistakes can be hard and arduous, but not if they’re fortunate enough to meet Coleman Moore.

Snapshot Podcast 3: Meaningful Work

Having a purpose gives life meaning. Bill had many roles in his career with a major corporation. His last one positively affected hundreds of lives.

Snapshot Podcast 4: Common Ground

Brian and his family leave a “safe” environment to take a leadership role in a dysfunctional and unproductive factory. Brian finds common ground and creates a new culture.

Snapshot Podcast 5: Our Work is Not in Vain

Things can go bad at work. Hard work can seem for naught. Here are some helpful perspectives to persevere with hope during difficult times in the workplace.