We support and encourage fellow Christians

to align their careers with God’s mission by:

  • Reaching them where they work and how they consume information
  • Developing and delivering practical, on-demand content
  • Drawing them together across traditions, occupations, and positions to influence their workplaces, exercising faith, integrity, and excellence

We provide practical content,

spiritual insights, and first-hand accounts

to make faith active in our workplaces.

Supporting and encouraging individuals to build the Kingdom of God by who they are, what they do, and how they do it; bringing honor to the life and call of Christ being lived faithfully in the workplace.

Together, as Christians filled with the Spirit,

we can more effectively bring the presence of God

into our workplaces, companies, industries,

and our occupations by:

  • Recognizing our call to be stewards of God’s creation
  • Realizing our employment is working for our Father
  • Respecting the dignity of all workers and assisting them in using their gifts and talents
  • Relating together as faith Christian contributors to culture and commerce