History of a Serious Error

Dr. Andrew Hansen
Program Director, Anselm House

Andrew Hansen developed and oversees Anselm House’s Fellows Program, which brings Christian formation and theological education to University of Minnesota students. Andrew has a Ph.D in history with particular interest in modern European and American intellectual and religious history. He and his wife Bethany live in St. Paul with their three children.

Falling in Love with Your Life

Ruth M. Godfrey, M.S.
Founder of the International Center of Coaching: Learning Journeys

International Center of Coaching is a licensed post-secondary school that credentials professionals in life coaching. Life coaching is a way to walk alongside people to help them fulfill on their life purpose. Ruth Godfrey is the co-author of Delicious Conversations and Ten: A Way of Being. Currently, she is writing a book with a client titled Stop Looking for a Safe Place to Land. Ruth is a grandmother of five and works with her daughter Jennie in Woodbury, MN.

Three Habits of Leisure to Help Get Work Right

Dr. Michael Naughton
Chairman of the Board, Reell Precision Manufacturing

Reell Manufacturing is a global producer of torque solutions for transportation, electronics, medical and office automation products. Michael Naughton is also Director of the Center for Studies at the University of St. Thomas. He’s the co-author and co-editor of nine books and over 50 articles, including coordinating and writing the Vocation of the Business Leader in 2012. He and his wife Teresa live in St. Paul and have five children.

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Roy Tinklenberg
Pastor and Founder

Faith and Work Movement (F&WM) serves Christians in corporate campuses in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Roy serves as a catalyst for new groups, coaches fellowship leaders, and helps them connect and support each other. He recently assisted in the launch of new workplace fellowships in London, England, and Dublin. He and his wife Esther have three children and live in the San Francisco Bay area.

Living a Life of Significance in a Distracted World

Tammy Krings
Founder, The Conversations That Matter

Tammy Krings has a reputation for breaking down barriers to guide people to discovery and dialogue to shift their life. She facilitates and coaches leaders and teams to identify where they want to go, what’s holding them back, and how they want to be known. She and her husband Bruce live in Savage with their two daughters.

Advancing Life-Giving Kingdom Culture at Work

Paul Larsen
Consultant, Coach, and Connector, GiANT Worldwide, ICG Advisors

Paul Larsen and his colleagues work globally with companies and individuals to develop healthy cultures where people can flourish, led by leaders worth following. Companies hire Paul to maximize team culture and retain key talent. He has a background in the capital markets and ‘triple-bottom-line’ business solutions to poverty in the Developing World. He and his wife live on the west side of the Twin Cities with the 2 youngest of their 5 children and enjoy anything to do with Lake Minnetonka.