Change is Constant

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By Rick Slager Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, once said, “Change is the one constant in life.” It can be difficult to imagine any constant in our lives other than change. Despite this, many of us fear change. As David F.K. Mpanga states in Embrace Change, It Is the Only Constant: “Some people fear change […]

Why Faith is Not Private

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By Bill Dalgetty The idea that faith should be separated from most of the rest of our lives appears to have become conventional wisdom over the last 50 years. We hear the phrase, “separation of church and state” and apply it to other venues in our lives such as the workplace and the public square. […]

What If?

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By Louis Grams What if every Christian realized they have truly been given the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their workplaces and their eyes were opened to the impact of those workplaces on the world? Would we find more strength to resist and overcome the influences of greed, the hunger for power, and […]

Even When No One Will See

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By Paul DeCelles My wife Jeanne and I, together with four of our children, lived in Switzerland from 1965-66. Seeing the ancient cities, experiencing older cultures, and learning new languages were a few of the benefits. I even managed to overcome my fear of heights enough to climb to the tops of magnificent cathedrals—if my […]

Gutting Gossip

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By Diana Banister When the disciples were accused of not following Jewish law and eating with unclean hands, Jesus told the Pharisees “nothing that enters a person is what defiles them,” but “what comes out of a person is what defiles them.”  (Mark 7:21) Jesus was referring to our words and actions. In today’s tabloid […]

Tragedy Transformed with Trust

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By Beth Preuss Too often the nightly news highlights workplaces that have become spaces of tragedy. For Deb Merriner in the Washington DC area, this hit close to home last Christmas. Deb worked with a local lawyer, Buckley Kuhns-Ficker. Her practice focused on protection for the marginalized, the elderly and the disabled in their community. […]

Generous in Hard Times

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By Beth Preuss As anyone who works in small business can attest, work often ebbs and flows with the economy and client/customer needs. Trusting in the Lord and continuing to produce excellence is key to long-term success. Creating a work community of mutual respect, kindness and integrity is also integral. Brian is a partner in […]